The tour tragicomedy II

by Joshua on July 30, 2010

The van is dead; long live the van. It is destined for an afterlife of disseminated scrap. All cassettes were retrieved before abandonment, though we thought twice about actually claiming the dijeridu cassette, which may or may not have caused all of this trouble to begin with.

And, as previously feared, the tour is therefore over. There was a faint hope of renting another vehicle to finish the remaining mini-tour dates: Urbana and Indianapolis. That hope faded with the quote of a fee for dropping the rental off in Ann Arbor (apparently rentals that are driven away from Indiana are never returned – go figure?).

So we have fitfully rested in Marion while we wait to be picked up. Thanks for tuning in, everyone. We’ll let you know when we have the heart to try this again. For now, we’ll return to Michigan to nurse wounded rock ‘n’ roll spirits.

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